Specialized Services

Turbine Aircraft Services equipment

Battery Services

Turbine Aircraft Services has the capability to maintain the Ni-cad or lead acid main ships battery in your airplane right here in-house in our full battery shop. We utilize the latest Christie charging system to ensure the highest reliability of your aircraft’s most important piece of emergency equipment. We can perform all the required, date sensitive inspections while also repairing and maintaining the unit if problems are discovered.

Turbine Aircraft Services employee testing equipment at OKC location

Emergency Power Supply Testing

When your aircraft is due for its regularly scheduled inspection and testing of its emergency power supplies, you can turn to Turbine Aircraft Services for all of those needs. We can test and maintain a full line of power supplies to help keep your aircraft safe and trouble free.

Turbine Aircraft Services employee testing equipment at OKC location

Non-Destructive Inspection / Testing

If your team changes the wheels and tires of your aircraft in-house, call on Turbine Aircraft Services to perform the required non-destructive inspection of your wheels. If TAS performs your tire changes, you gain the added benefit of not having to ship your wheels out to have this done which reduces cost and downtime. We also offer other specific NDI functions, so call one of our specialists to see if our capabilities might meet that need.