About Us

A Brief History

Turbine Aircraft Services was established at Wiley Post Airport in January of 2001 by Mr. Mike Harbison and Mr. Curtis Morphew for the maintenance and repair of a broad range of jet and propeller driven aircraft. These include the various models of Beechcraft King Airs, Cessna Citations, Bombardier Learjets, Bombardier Challengers and Hawker Beechcraft lines. We also maintain a sizeable clientele of smaller single engine aircraft from various manufacturers including Cessna, Beechcraft, Cirrus and Piper. In 2013, we were honored to be designated as an Authorized Service Facility for Cessna and in 2015 we were chosen again to become an Authorized Service Facility for Beechcraft. We hold Certified Repair Station certificate number TBWR469X and we follow a very regimented inspection, re-inspection protocol. We pride ourselves on delivering value-driven, quality maintenance that helps insure a client’s asset will retain its worth. Our team is ever focused on delivering discrepancy free aircraft, every time. We also offer many in-house, follow on services to include avionics, parts sales, non-destructive testing, battery servicing and aircraft sales.

Our Growth and Facilities

After a very successful first year in business, it was determined that we needed more space with more modern facilities in order to better service our growing client base. Therefore, the decision was made to upgrade from our existing leased space and we went on to purchase a new hangar here at Wiley Post.

Following another 10 years of taking great care of our customers and growing our business, we were faced with that same familiar problem and needed more room to grow. In December of 2012 we purchased a recently built hangar with more floor space, larger offices, and better customer service facilities.

In 2023 our hangar and office space underwent a significant remodel to better serve our customers. The hangar expansion allows us to further meet the needs of our clients and provide comprehensive services for a wider range of aircraft models. We can now easily accommodate Challenger Series aircraft in our expanded space. 

Our growth also includes a significant amount of internal investment to be able to include more in-house services. One of the most significant is a number of non-destructive testing capabilities.

Today we complete a vast majority of the required NDT inspections for our clients in-house. In 2015 we expanded the capabilities of our Certified Repair Station to include the limited ratings of Radio and Instruments which affords us the opportunity to perform various avionics related inspections, repairs and installations in-house. In 2016 we added the capabilities of performing inspections on various Ni-cad and lead acid main ship’s batteries along with various makes and models of emergency power packs.

We are dedicated to continuous improvement and ensuring that our facilities and equipment reflect the high standards of service and professionalism that we uphold.